The IEEE Virtual Instructor Pilot Research Group (VIPRG) is a voluntary international research group founded in 2005 by Dr. Jayfus Tucker Doswell and sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Learning Technology.

The purpose of the IEEE VIPRG is to facilitate multidisciplinary research leveraging cognitive science, computer science, engineering, information technology, learning science, education technology, psychology, and mobile communications to investigate building and using pedagogically effective and culturally competent virtual instructors that deliver measurably effective instruction anytime, anywhere, and for any pace. 

The IEEE VIPRG will answer research questions such as how multi-cultural instruction, multi-lingual dialogue systems, computational pedagogy, artificial intelligence, and distributed training standards (e.g., IEEE 1484.12 Learning Object Metadata, SCORM, emerging extensions to SCORM such as Sharable State Persistence, and related IMS standards) may be integrated for creating virtual instructor systems ranging from 3D computer graphic instructors in mixed reality environments to anthropomorphic robotic instructor systems.

Additionally, this committee will explore the social implication and educational impact on integrating these systems into traditional and informal learning environments. Committee participants will investigate how virtual instructors may potentially improve human learning performance and achieve instructional goals through international collaboration and on-going empirical research.

This research will lead to defining a world standard on building pedagogically effective virtual instructor systems.


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